Our Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in the Backyard You might know, we recently had a little bit of winter weather here in Georgia. Before the snow arrived it had been unseasonably warm. Snow fell throughout the night on Friday and by the time morning rolled around two to three inches had fallen at our house. Almost all of … Continue reading Our Winter Wonderland

A Distant View of Mt. Rainier

Finally, I am getting my images from Washington posted. That trip was back in July, so I guess it's about time. I wanted to get some images of the moon rising over Gig Harbor. It was experimental, trial and error, and a fairly hazy evening, but I think it was a successful shoot even though … Continue reading A Distant View of Mt. Rainier

Cannery Row Sunrise

First Shots - Cannery Row Sunrise We are on a weekend visit to Monterey to celebrate Marcie's birthday. We're staying at a place on Cannery Row, so I got up early to take a walk and see what I could find. Well...and to get coffee. Found some great coffee, and this sunrise. Every photographer knows … Continue reading Cannery Row Sunrise

A Cross in the Vineyard

Buy a Print The brightest point of morning sunlight was directly behind a row of grapes as slowly through the thinning fog a cross in the vineyard began to take shape. As I drove up the street I was being reminded that, just as God gave us the gift of salvation through Jesus' sacrifice on … Continue reading A Cross in the Vineyard