3 Tips for Fall Color on a North Georgia Trip

It's our first autumn living in the southeast. Georgia to be specific. Coming from California we really only knew two seasons, and depending on where you lived the two could have various names. Hot / Not Hot Dry / Wet Fire / Not Fire Shakey / Still The only leaves we saw change were the [...]

Two Things About Shadow Valley

This post is unplanned. Though I'm trying to get on a regular schedule of posting and plan ahead what I will be posting, this wasn't it. It is inspired by my devotional reading this morning. Yep... the Lord told me to write it. Today I read from Psalm 23:4: Yea, though I walk through the [...]

Pearl Harbor: He was just going to collect some money when…

Last Memorial Day (2016) I had the great pleasure and honor to meet Delton E. Walling, a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Marcie and I had attended a ceremony to honor Stockton service members who had made the ultimate sacrifice and were able to spend a few minutes with Mr. Walling afterward. He [...]