Action Near the Hockey Goal

Stockton Thunder hockey - defending the goal
My first hockey game came last fall when we decided to go see the Stockton Thunder play the Ontario Reign. Our seats were fairly close to the ice, and I naturally had my camera with me, though I didn’t really have any idea how to shoot hockey. Still don’t, but packing a camera and using it in situations that are unfamiliar is always a great learning experience. And what did I learn?

  • Be fast.
  • Pay attention.
  • Anticipate.
  • Burst mode is your friend.
  • It’s hard to follow hockey while looking through a camera.
  • Baseball is a lot easier to shoot.

Stockton Thunder hockey

As the game progressed, I soon realized that my best bet at getting a decent shot was to focus on action around the goal. It was almost impossible to predict where on the rest of the ice the action would occur, but there is always action around the goal. And the action is fast. There isn’t really time to “see” what you are shooting. Using burst mode I was able to get these shots, among several others, even though what I was seeing was just the blur of action. Later I edited down to these two which froze the puck in play.

There will be more games to take my camera to next season. In the meantime, you can leave a comment below about these shots and any suggestions for what I might try when I go back.