Magnificent Stockton Sunset

Stockton Sunset

There was a magnificent sunset in Stockton this evening. Looking up from my watering in the garden this evening I saw the clouds and how they were capturing the sun’s light as it was headed toward the horizon. I could tell that God had a wonderful gift in store for anyone who was in a place to see it. So I grabbed my gear and off I went to the waterfront where I figured I would have the best view in the short time I had until the show would be over. Not more than five minutes passed after I arrived before I got the shot above.


I always make a point of looking away from the sunset when I shoot. Sometimes what is going on in the opposite direction is much more impressive that the sunset itself. I’m not sure that was the case this time, but this is a view I have always wanted to capture. It would have been better if more clouds filled the sky on this side. I am certain they would have given off a spectacular red-orange glow. As it is, there is this warm and inviting glow over downtown Stockton.


Turning back to the setting sun I shot across McLeod Lake with the Banner Island Stockton Ballpark and a water tower silhouetted in the foreground. There was something going on at the ballpark. Notice the lights are on. I don’t know what it is; the Ports are on the road to close out the season. Putting something in the foreground gives depth to sunset images. In addition to the ballpark and tower I use the water to lead the viewer to the main subject – the magnificent sunset.

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This one is my favorite from this set. I like them all, they wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, but this one…peaceful; that’s how I would describe it. It is just a very peaceful shot. Boats moored at the end of the day, secure in their berths waiting for the sun to make its journey to rise again on a new day. New journeys await, but for now, peaceful rest.


This final image is a tighter view of one the ballpark one above. When I first looked at it after taking the shot something stood out because it contrasted with the rest. Can you tell what it is? No, not the lights. The yellow right field foul pole in the foreground in front of the water tank. Nothing special. It is just an unexpected element that lends interest to the shot.

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