Del Mar in Winter

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We had to move our vacation a few weeks from early November to early December this year, and am I glad we did. It wasn’t the warmest of weather in Del Mar, California — though it did get into the seventies on the day we left — but it was clear and great shooting weather. In all the years we have been going to this spot, this is about the clearest I have seen it.

This shot was made from Seagrove Park which stretches across the cliffs above the beach. During the warmer weather months the beach is normally a sea of people with their blankets and umbrellas creating a sea of color. Surfers to the south, swimmers to the north. While I was taking this shot, I quickly shifted to capture a Brown Pelican flying overhead.

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I have often described myself as a “displaced beach dweller just passing through this life on my way home.” It’s true. I love the beach and the beach life. Always have, and I think it is getting worse as I get older. Though I doubt that I will ever be a beach dweller again, there is no doubt that my mansion in heaven will be on a beach. A beach that will compare to none on earth.

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