Child Sponsorship – Stronger Every Day

It was just a couple posts ago when I told the world how a group called His Little Feet convinced my wife and I to sponsor a child through Compassion International. That post didn’t have a lot of detail. Fact is, we were just getting started and really had no idea what was involved. We had never been a part of a child sponsorship program. All we knew is that the Spirit moved us and we had to do this.

Since then, it has only been two weeks, Compassion has sent a team of bloggers to Uganda. They return home today, but if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was following the team on Compassion’s blog and tracking their every tweet. Experiencing the trip to Uganda vicariously has been a big encouragement to us, having just started sponsoring our first child. We get it now. It isn’t just about a monthly financial commitment. It is about investing in a life, a person, a child, a family, a community. It’s about hope. It’s about taking an active role in someone’s growth, development, education, security, and future, who would probably not have much of a future otherwise.

When we received the packet with information and a picture of Shahana, the 13-year-old girl we are sponsoring in India, we immediately read through everything. There was an instant connection. She likes art. That’s good. I’m a photographer! She likes walking. So do we! She likes to read. Ditto! She enjoys singing. Uh-huh. I think this could work.

We’re really excited about what is going to happen in this relationship, and our commitment to the work is stronger every day. Maybe we can even meet Shahana someday.

There are so many children who need sponsors. They are everywhere and they are waiting for you. See that graphic on the right? The one that says, “Sponsor a child in Jesus’ name.” Click it….now! The children are waiting.