Creation pauses at the Creator’s handiwork

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A lone sandpiper stands silently watching an incredible display of God’s handiwork – a sunset on the beach at Del Mar, California. It felt like creation paused, for just a moment, to give praise to the Creator as he brought another day to completion.

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After the show was over, the sandpiper seemed to decide it was time to go do whatever it is that sandpipers do on the beach at night.

It really was an amazing sunset on this evening in early December. There are more pictures of this beautiful sunset in the portfolio.

About the shots

Both of these images were shot manually with a 18-135mm zoom on a Canon 60D. Top image focal length is 55mm. The focal length for the bottom image is 135mm. Having left my tripod behind, I was forced to shoot hand held, and decided to shoot manually to maintain complete control. I chose ISO 400 to keep the noise level as low as possible while maintaining an exposure with good depth and focus. The settings used are 1/80 sec. at f/18.

There were only minor adjustments in post processing. Clarity was added and vibrancy and saturation were bumped up slightly to bring out the richness of the actual scene.

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