His Little Feet Stole Our Hearts

This past Sunday we had our hearts stolen by His Little Feet, a choir made up of children from around the world. It was an incredible time of worship interspersed with stories and videos of other children who need our compassion and help. By the end of the evening we had made a decision, a step of faith, to sponsor a child through Compassion.

Why? Because it is something that needs to be done, we are able to do it, and we feel called to do it. Yes, it is that simple.

His Little Feet

There are some who will say that it really doesn’t matter. It won’t make a difference. To them I say, yes, it will matter, it will make a difference. I will make a difference, perhaps a great deal of difference to the one we sponsor. These kids are examples of the difference it has made in their lives. After reading this article titled What is Child Sponsorship, Really? on the Compassion Blog, posted after I wrote this blog and just before I made it live, I feel even more strongly about this.

Find out more about His Little Feet here, and find out more about sponsoring a child here. Visit the His Little Feet blog to see another picture from Sunday morning and to follow them as they tour.