Winter in Southern California Can Be Brutal

Sitting on the beach watching surfers by a pier

Winter in San Diego, CA. (Dec. 2013)

Winter in southern California can be brutal. A sweat shirt is often needed to brave the cool breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean where daytime temperatures could dip down below 65 degrees.

Sitting on the beach watching surfers by a pier

Ocean Beach is one of the most popular communities in San Diego. The historic pier is a great location for shooting sunsets, and street photographers are sure to find great subjects along the beach and walking up Newport Avenue.

The Image

This picture has some great elements. Exposure, composition, contrast, color, they are all good. It does have one small, unintended problem that I’m guessing many of you won’t see. I didn’t really notice until after I looked at the larger version after it was posted. Go ahead. Click on the picture to bring the large version up. I’ll wait…

See it. The depth of field is too narrow. It isn’t bad, and it doesn’t ruin the shot. I just think it would be better if it was sharp all the way fore to aft. When I took it, I thought it would be. It was shot a f/11, but I really should have bumped up the ISO (I had it set at 100) so I could maintain the shutter speed of 1/160 and shoot at f/16 or even f/32.

It would also have helped to use a tripod.

Having criticized my own shot, let me now tell you what I like. The slightly narrow depth of field. It blurs the background just enough so that the girls sitting on the sand are obviously the main focus of the shot without relying solely on scale.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. I would love to know what you think.

More Ocean Beach shots coming to the Web site soon.