Letter from a Girl in India

Excitement doesn’t seem to quite cover it, but it is the first word that comes to mind to describe the incredible feeling of finding the letter from our sponsored child laying on the kitchen counter. Our very first one. There it was, waiting to be opened as I walked in the door from work. I couldn’t wait to open it, to see what she had to say, to learn more about who she is, what she does. To just know more. Our sponsorship of Shahana just became real.

Letter from Shahana

Getting this letter takes our sponsorship to another level. At least that’s what it feels like. It seems more real now. There is more substance to this whole idea of helping a child in need. A letter brings us closer.

Now I know Shahana has two sisters, and I know who her best friend is. She likes running and her favorite color is red. She lives in a brick house, which is apparently unusual in her village, and her parents are day laborers, which I can’t imagine being an easy way to raise a family in India, or anywhere for that matter.

It is amazing how energizing a simple letter of a few words can be. At the beginning I said that excitement doesn’t seem to quite describe the emotion of receiving this letter. Energizing might be better. I feel energized.

So, I am going to ask, “What about you?” Take a moment. Think about it, pray about sponsoring a child. There is somebody waiting for you. They may be in India, perhaps someplace else, but seriously, think about it…then do it.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion