Love and the Valentine Surprise

Shahana You may have noticed that some – okay, a lot – of my recent post are not about photography. Surprise!! Yeah, I’m a little surprised too. This was supposed to be a blog about images. It was supposed to be about my photography. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the studio. We met Shahana.

This is a picture of her, the one that came in our introduction packet from Compassion International after we decided to sponsor Shahana following a church service about month ago. We didn’t plan on sponsoring a child. We didn’t even know there was going to be an ask. It was supposed to be a concert. Well, it was a concert, a very good one. But love can be surprising. It is usually unexpected, and it can easily overtake you. It will soften you, and make you do things you could not, or would not.

Shahana lives in the south-west of India and with her mom and dad. She is 13 years old and in the equivalent of 8th grade and likes art, walking, reading and singing. Because we have just started sponsoring her we haven’t received any letters yet, but we are excited about getting to know her and her dreams, and helping her make them come true.

Valentine Day had nothing to do with our sponsoring Shahana. Love did. But, Valentine Day is a great reason to write this post and to encourage love. I said this wasn’t about images. Well, maybe it is. We looked at the pictures, the images, of children living in poverty and we were moved with love and compassion to do something. The problem seemed so overwhelming. So many children. Too many. I can only do so much Lord. I can’t help them all. “You can help this one,” He said.

“What will it take, Lord?”


Do not let anyone tell you child sponsorship won’t make a difference. It will. It makes a difference to Shahana. It has made a difference to Marcie and I. It makes a difference to Grace, and to Jey, and to Lina, Ranjit, Junior, and Elevanie, and to so many others.

Won’t you help? Won’t you, this Valentine Day, love a child and give them the opportunity to grow?

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion