Ban Fracking Now!

Ban Fracking Now

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As delegates to the 2014 California Democratic Party State Convention were entering the LA Convention Center for the opening of their annual meeting, a group of protesters gathered outside to give them a message to relay to Governor Jerry Brown. “Ban Fracking Now!” Of course, they were preaching to the choir. Most of the delegates were already firmly in the no fracking camp. Later that morning the governor spoke to delegates and was heckled regarding the fracking issue.

Apparently, the Governor hasn’t come out strongly enough to satisfy the more progressive faction of the party. What that faction fails to realize is that office-holders, whether they be governors, members of city councils, or somewhere in between, have to represent everybody. That often means office-holders don’t have the luxury of being positional for position’s sake and must govern from the middle; which happens to be where the majority of voters, regardless of party affiliation, really are. There is a reason both major parties are losing market share (or as they like to call them registered voters). Both parties are sorely out of touch with most Americans, but the radical elements that dominate the leadership of the parties are too busy pushing personal agendas to see the bigger picture. Which leaves us with a governor who governs in a practical, sensible way, while his party survives only because it is abhorrent to fewer eligible voters than the other one. The way I can tell Governor Brown is doing a great job is every political party is mad at him.

That being said, access to clean, safe, fresh drinking water is a global problem, especially in developing nations. It is an issue that needs a response. Banning fracking may be one way to help, but there are others. Several members of my church just returned from digging wells and educating people in Haiti about clean water and hygene. Several organizations are travel throughout the world teaching about and supplying water across the globe to those who have limited or no access.

Do I think fracking should be banned. Yes. Ban fracking, develop alternative sources of energy, and keep our water safe.

I am not an activist on this issue, and don’t plan on becoming one. I just think clean water is important and want to do what I can to help people get it. If you want to know some more maybe the information supplied by this site, Food and Water Watch, will help. In an act of shameless self promotion I will also mention that a portion of every sale of my images at will go to helping to bring clean, safe water to communities throughout the developing world.

As I said, I’m not an activist on this issue, but I do think we can find better ways to meet our energy needs than destroying our clean water supply, particularly during a drought.

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