Governor Jerry Brown at the 2014 CA Democratic Convention

Governor Jerry Brown
CA Governor Jerry Brown addresses the 2014 CA Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles.

Last month I attended another California State Democratic Party Convention. Not sure how many this makes for me. My first few were as a delegate and county party chair, the last few as a photographer and husband of a delegate. I request a press credential each year so I can get on the floor and usually walk away with some decent pictures, like these of California Governor Jerry Brown.

Jerry Brown, CA Democratic Convention
California Governor Jerry Brown at the 2014 CA State Democratic Convention

Toward the end of the Governor’s less than thirteen minute speech he was heckled by a not terribly loud group of sign waving protesters who called on Brown to put an end to the practice of fracking. It was humorous to me that their feeble attempts to disrupt Brown were reported as a boisterous. They were anything but. Not that I could hear at least. There were a few signs waved in the hall, but the loudest protest took place outside the convention center. Still, the Governor did seem to get knocked off his speaking stride just a bit.

Another Democrat against fracking
A fracking protester holds up a sign during Gov. Jerry Brown’s speech at the CA Democratic State Convention.

I haven’t finished processing all the convention images I made. When I do they will be posted in an album on the main site. There will probably be some more posted to the blog as well.

Interested in watching Governor Brown’s thirteen minute speech? It is available here.

About the images

The convention took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In the very large hall where we were meeting the audience lighting was very low. The lighting on stage however, was bright enough to shoot at mid-range ISO, between 400 and 800, for most of the images I made. A flash was used on some images, but I chose not to use one on these and shot manually with the ISO set to automatic.

It is never easy to capture a good image of someone speaking. Unless they are “camera aware” and want to let you have a good shot, speakers are caught with mouth open or some contorted look on their face in most frames. The solution is to shoot, shoot, and keep shooting, until you get the image you want. Bursts come in handy in this situation, though I did not shoot in burst. This is also one of those instances where I would say go ahead and chimp.

All the images were made with a Canon 60D and a 18-135mm lens, hand-held with manual exposure at 1/60 sec. and aperture set at f6.3. Using a tripod was impractical in this situation, and none of the photographers I observed was using a tripod except the ones remaining stationary in the press area.

The only difference in the shots was the ISO and the focal length. The top one was shot at ISO 640 and 135mm, the second one at ISO 800 and 18mm, and the third at ISO 4000 and 33mm. It isn’t often that I work with such a high ISO, and I think the Canon 60D performed very well at this extreme.

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