Paul Canepa for San Joaquin County Supervisor

Paul Canepa for San Joaquin County Supervisor

Paul Canepa for San Joaquin County Supervisor

Another Saturday, a different candidate. The candidate of the week is Paul Canepa. Paul is the vice-mayor of the city of Stockton, CA and is looking to move on to the County Board of Supervisors. If you live in San Joaquin County district 2, vote for Paul Canepa on June 3.

Paul is a life-long resident of Stockton. After college he returned to work at the family business, Canepa’s Car Wash, which opened in 1955. They do a great job, by the way.

You can read more about Paul on the issues on his Web site, but let me just tell you what I know and why I’m voting for him. Paul Canepa is one of the good guys, and it seems there aren’t many of them left in politics these days. He is genuine, and he is running because he genuinely wants to make his home a better place than he found it. A better place for families, a better place for business, a better place for everyone. That is why he served two terms as a member of the Lincoln Unified School District Board of Trustees, served on the Stockton Parks and Recreation Committee, and as a member of the Stockton City Council and as Vice-Mayor. That is why he wants to serve on the Board of Supervisors.

Just today, not long after this picture was taken, Paul was on the phone texting to the parks department about a safety issue at the park while folks were getting ready to walk. Anyone else would probably have put it off until after the weekend, but not Paul. This was a problem in a city park and he was going to make sure it was known by those responsible for repairing the situation. Why? Because Paul cares about this city and county, and the people who live here. He wants them to live safe and fulfilled lives and to be proud of where they live.

So, I thought the least I could do was give Paul a little space on my blog. Thanks for reading, and remember to vote on June 3 (in California) and to vote for Paul Canepa for San Joaquin County Supervisor, District 2.

If you are interested in supporting Paul check out his Facebook page and volunteer, post a note of support, request a lawn sign, like his page, and just find out more.

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