Guitar with Flare


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This is from an event I shot recently. It was a great shoot with lots of good shots. This is one of my favorites. I didn’t really choose to make this image looking into the sun. It chose me. It just happened to be the direction the he was holding the guitar, and I liked the way it was lighted and the the glow around the guitar player’s left hand holding the neck. I think most people would have passed up this opportunity, but sometimes we have to see what isn’t there, and think beyond the rules.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t believe there are any so-called rules to photography. Binding ourselves to rules stifles creativity. There are many good recommendations or suggestions for photography and art, like the suggestion of thirds, which will greatly improve most shots but, a good photographer has to step outside the established rules sometimes, and never, ever, take them too seriously. If you do, your shots will have the potential of being stale and not very creative. That’s no fun.

One of my favorite elements of this image is a very small detail. On top of the guitar is a subtle star-burst. Not overpowering, but strong enough to be noticed. I try to visualize how the picture would look without it. I don’t think it would take much away, but it certainly seems better with it.

What we learn from this image.

  • Shooting into the sun is okay.
  • Star-burst are good.
  • Images are made. Make ’em.
  • We don’t need no stinking rules (but suggestions are welcome).
  • Be creative.
  • Have fun.

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