Danger – High Voltage

In recognition of today’s Supreme Court ruling I present you with this image.

Danger High Voltage

The best way to get egg off your face is to not get it on your face.

The Hobby Lobby decision handed down by the Supreme Court today could be labeled, “Danger High Voltage.” That certainly comes as no surprise to anyone. Also not surprising is the 5-4 split along ideological lines. I have not read the decision and won’t comment on the details of it. That isn’t my purpose here. A simple search will give you more than enough information and wide ranging opinion about the case and the ruling.

What I will do is give my very simple opinion of why I think the Court had to rule as they did.


To rule against Hobby Lobby, the Court would have to admit that its previous ruling in Citizens United, the one that says corporations are people just like you and I, was a mistake, they were wrong. They couldn’t let that happen. The best way to get egg off your face is to not get it on your face.

So Christians are left with this:

Obviously, that should read, “Do I as a Christian individual now have to also try…”

There is also this post, from The Gospel Coalition, I found (via Twitter) which gives a very insightful perspective. In particular:

…our words should be backed up by lives of happy holiness and genuine wholeness, where love is not something we talk about, but something we display. Our friends and neighbors may still disagree with us, but let’s at least give them examples of what authentic life in God’s kingdom looks like. Then, whenever we refuse to bow the knee, perhaps they’ll see our defiance toward Caesar is really devotion to King Jesus.

What the world wants to see, needs to see, is our “devotion to King Jesus,” but we’re too busy (ashamed?) hiding behind our protest signs.

About now you are probably wondering if I agree or disagree with the Court’s ruling. My answer is “yes.”

Wherever one falls in this conversation, you have to admit it brings up some interesting questions. This high voltage conversation is not over.

And, God is still on the throne!

About the Image

I recently made this image during a vacation trip. Today’s ruling gave me a decent excuse to use it on the blog. It was taken at night, obviously, and gave me a chance to test my camera in very low light situations. I think it passed the test very well. With the aperture set at f/2 on my Canon 60D fitted with a 50mm, f1.8 prime lens, I captured the scene at ASA 6400. A black and white preset was applied in Lightroom, then slight adjustments were made to levels to get the final image.