Downtown Sunrise

Los Angeles sunrise

Back in February we went to the Democratic State Party Convention in Los Angeles and had a great room high above the street with a great view of downtown Los Angeles. The first morning we were there I took this shot through the window of the sunrise reflections on the nearby office buildings. At first glance it looks like the sun is rising to the left side out of the frame, but it is actually behind the two buildings on the left. The reflections are of the foreground buildings. The hotel from where I took the picture can be seen in the center reflecting off the background building.

When making sunrise or sunset images it is not necessary to actually include the sun. Some of the best sunset colors appear after the sun has dipped below the horizon. Conversely, the best time for sunrise images is often before the sun breaks over the horizon. For me, these type of shots are not about the sun at all. They are all about the lighting and how it plays off other elements in the shot. To directly include the sun in this shot would have been overpowering. The viewer doesn’t need to see it. Everyone knows it’s there. The idea is to show the beauty of a Los Angeles sunrise.

Take a look at these sunset shots to see what I mean.

This version was pulled off an email to myself because I wanted to get a new post up this morning. I will likely update the image later from the original RAW file. There is another version posted over on Google Plus if you would like to take a look over there.