Standing Alone

Standing Alone

Standing alone is hard. It can be hot and uncomfortable. When you stand apart from the crowd you may feel like you are just going to dry up, wilt, and die.

Standing alone is often what we are called to do. We stand alone in the midst of all the concrete that is this sin-filled world, drawing strength from the Holy Spirit as we struggle to live in this foreign place. We survive by sending our roots deep in to the sustaining Word of God. It is from Christ we gain the courage to break forth and flower in the midst of an inhospitable environment.

Standing alone doesn’t have to be done alone. How is that for a paradox? We can “be strong and courageous,” as we take our stand. We have nothing to fear when we are in the minority because the Lord God is on our side, “he will not leave you or forsake you.” These must have been incredibly encouraging words to Joshua, who was no stranger to standing apart from the naysayers, when Moses commissioned him before leaving him to cross in to the land of promise.

Standing alone last only for a season. As we drop our seeds, they in turn sprout and grow. New life is born and we are no longer alone. More seeds are planted. More new life grows. Before long we are in a beautiful garden, a land of incredible promise.

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