Aww, Nuts! Swing and a Miss.

Swing and a Miss

Captured this shot a couple weeks ago at a Stockton Ports game. The were playing the Modesto Nuts. Those are the kind of names you get in minor league baseball. They make sense though. Stockton is known as California’s sunrise port, and Modesto is big in walnuts and almonds. Still, who wants to be a Nut?

Take a look at the catcher’s hand. You probably already noticed that he has the ball. What I thought interesting is the batter is still finishing his swing and a miss. Was he that late? He’s probably thinking, “Aww, nuts!”


Same game, same batter, another strike.

Because there was so much motion blur I applied a lot of toning and clarity. The shot would have been tossed, but I have so few of umpires in action, and I was trying to get a picture of the umpire calling a strike to give to his parents. We just happened to have seats in front of them. They were visiting from Colorado, and anyone who visits Stockton, especially from out of state deserves some kind of gift. (Joking, joking. Most people know I love living here.)

The toning and clarity make the motion blur less annoying by adding texture that makes the image pop. The motion blur works in this image by showing the intensity of the umpire. His name is Jason, by the way.