Esther Finds Hope through Compassion

Compassion Works Esther Video from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Abandoned at birth, Esther had already lost hope at a time when kids should be dreaming of their future. Compassion sponsorship has helped Esther and thousands of other children find salvation and discover the power of unconditional love. It has given them hope.

This morning on my way in to work I stopped to get a cup of coffee. Okay, I got a bagel and creme cheese too, but I really stopped for the coffee. As I write this it occurs to me that cup of coffee cost me more per day than what I spend to sponsor Shahana, the young teen we sponsor through Compassion. She lives in India. It amazes me when I think that I can have this incredible impact on a child halfway across the globe for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

And so can you…

Sponsoring a child through Compassion International is so easy. Go online to, search for the child you would like to sponsor, and follow the prompts. You will receive a packet of information about your child and can begin writing to your sponsored child and developing a relationship that can help lift a child out of poverty, give them an education, health care, and nutritious food. For only $38 per month ($1.26 / day) – less than the cost of a daily coffee house drink – you can sponsor a child through Compassion. I collect more than that in pocket change every month.

Now, I’m not asking you to give up that cup of coffee. I didn’t. It just helps my perspective. What I am asking is that you go to and find out more. I hope you do decide to sponsor a child.

If I can answer any questions you have about Compassion or child sponsorship go ahead and email me, or if we can work it out we can sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about it. My treat.


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