We Can Do Better – Christina Fugazi

We Can Do Better - Christina Fugazi

This is getting posted, not because we can do better or I am supporting Christina Fugazi for Stockton City Council, though we can and I am. It is being posted so I can show off. After I spent an afternoon taking a series of shots of Christina in downtown Stockton, the campaign messaging team went to work to produce a mail piece to be sent to voters. This is the front of the piece. The back also has a picture I made that day, but I don’t have it available at the moment.

What I do have is the original picture the mail piece was made from.

Christina Fugazi

This isn’t the first campaign I have done a photo shoot for. Last spring I got a late call to do a last minute shoot for a candidate for county supervisor. More recently I scored a short flight over Stockton when I did a shoot for another city council candidate. There was also one in Lodi, but I haven’t seen what they used the shots for yet.

My taking pictures for these campaigns or their use of my images does not necessarily mean they have my endorsement. Christina Fugazi does, but I am not very free with my endorsements. Maybe I’ll do an endorsement post closer to election day. For now, just enjoy the pictures. I certainly enjoy taking them.

I am also creating Christina’s campaign Web site. Still a work in process, but I would like to know what you think.