Fresh Salmon for Dinner

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Fresh Salmon for Dinner
A Sea Lion drags his salmon dinner across Morro Bay. Perhaps he wants one of the chefs at a waterfront restaurant to prepare him a scrumptious meal.

These days it seems everyone likes to take pictures of what they are eating or about to eat. Thank you Instagram. The reasoning escapes me. What you’re eating may look great, and I’m sure it tasted wonderful, but I really don’t care to see pictures. Really. You can just tell me that you had a great meal at some fantastic restaurant, and if I’m ever in the area maybe I’ll make a reservation.

Having said that, I want to first apologize for the few foodie pics I have shared, and secondly share with you, not a meal on my plate, but a great fresh salmon dinner that went straight from water to plate. Well, probably not a plate, but the salmon doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Marcie and I were headed home from a trip to Disneyland and decided to take the scenic route and drive up the central coast. We stopped to have dinner at one of our old haunts in Morro Bay. While waiting we took a stroll on the south T-pier. As I was getting ready to snap a shot of a Sea Lion swimming leisurely toward the dock, he suddenly dove. When he popped back up he had his dinner in tow.

As I remember, Marcie had shrimp or scallops and I had a mixed seafood grill for dinner. I didn’t take a picture, but yes, the mixed grill included a small piece of salmon filet.

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