Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights

Some of you may know that I am a contributor at “Lightstock is a two-sided marketplace that aggregates, curates, and licenses stock content to the faith-based community.” Visit the brief About page to find out more.

When you visit my Lightstock gallery you will find a selection of images that could be used in a church bulletin or Web site, worship slide background, newsletter, you name it. There are a lot of uses.

This image of the lights at Banner Island Ballpark in Stockton, just went live and is available now. Just in time for the end of baseball season and the start of football season. Use your imagination to find all kinds of uses for an image like this.

One of the best parts of selling images at Lightstock is they let me designate a portion of my profits to help bring children out of poverty through Compassion. As a sponsor of a child myself, this is important to me and gives me one more small way to support something I believe in. So, consider using one of my images at Lightroom on your blog, in your publication, as part of your media presentations, or whatever.

That’s all. Enjoy the image. Browse the site.