These Children Are Depending on Me and on You

release 3

Update, 10/1/14: One of the children in the post below, Silvia, has been sponsored. It happened yesterday evening after I told our small group about Release 3. Ewa said one of the reasons she chose Silvia is in her photo she isn’t smiling. She wanted to give Silvia a smile. Thank you Ewa, from Silvia and me.

A few weeks ago, as part of Compassion’s Release 3 program, I made a commitment to find sponsors for three children living in poverty. It is something I really want to do, even moreso after having volunteered at the Change Tour in Concord last week. The package of materials I would need arrived this week. Inside was everything I would need to reach out and find sponsors for these three children, including the three sponsorship packets assigned exclusively to me.

I opened up the package to go through everything, and when I looked through the sponsorship packets the reality of the incredible responsibility I had committed to came crashing down. I held in my hands three packets, each representing a child, a life, a person in desperate need. These three children, Silvia, Dennis, and Edrian, were each depending on me. For the next month I would be their only hope of finding a sponsor. I couldn’t help but feel just a bit overwhelmed with that reality, and the need for prayer.

To avoid duplication, Compassion has only one sponsorship packet available for each child at any given time. It may be a physical packet, like the ones I have for Silvia, Dennis, and Edrian, or it could be online. Never both. For the next month, Silvia, Dennis, and Edrian are my responsibility as far as sponsorship is concerned.

The good news is, and it is a big relief to me, our sovereign God has already prepared someone to sponsor these three lovely children. The Holy Spirit has been working in the hearts of three wonderful people and encouraging them to sponsor a child. My job is to introduce someone to either Silvia, Dennis, or Edrian, and let the Holy Spirit do his work. That’s what he does. That’s how God works. Through imperfect cracked pots like me and you. He works in the lives of his people, the mundane everyday lives we live, to do his great work. Think about that for a moment. Just pause right here and let that sink in. We can do the work of God here on earth by simply living our lives in agreement with his will. It is important to understand that God uses us. What he needs from us is availability. In other words we need to die to self.

Most of you reading this won’t have any face-to-face contact with me. That’s okay. You can still sponsor a child. Just follow that link (yeah, that one in the previous sentence) pray about who to choose and then choose a child to help. They desperately need you. For those I could see, might see, will see, over the next month, be ready. There is a good chance I will talk to you about sponsoring one of these three.

The Lord is using me to find sponsors for Silvia, Dennis, and Edrian. Perhaps he will use you to sponsor a child who desperately needs someone. Let’s get together.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion