Add Giving Tuesday to Your Holiday Checklist

Giving Tuesday - First Steps Image courtesy of Compassion International.

Made it through Thanksgiving. Check. Fall decorations taken down. Check. Christmas decorations put up. Check. Christmas shopping done. Mostly.

Now that you’ve gone through your holiday checklist in preparation for the day we celebrate the Savior’s birth, pause and take a deep breath. Did you miss anything?

Food for the needy dropped off at church. Check. Turkey cooked and dropped off at church for Thanksgiving outreach. Check. Presents bought for the “Giving Christmas Tree.” Check. Thanksgiving turkey drive. Check. Rebuild “Santa’s Hut.” Check.

Lists like these make me tired. But even with so much good stuff getting done, so many people being helped, there is still much to do. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all, and you don’t have to do it alone. Just do your part. That’s plenty. Everyone doing a little adds up to a lot. With enough little things all coming together to make a big thing imagine what we could accomplish. Maybe even creating a place where expectant moms, new moms and newborn babies in a place of extreme poverty could have the opportunity to become healthy moms and healthy children. Some kind of Child Survival Program where babies would be given a chance at their first steps.

“In India, child survival is one of the most fundamental issues when it comes to addressing poverty. Nearly 1 million children there will never reach their first birthday, missing out on their first steps. This program will give expectant moms, new moms and newborn babies the opportunity to become healthy moms and healthy children. By partnering with a local church in Gujarat to build this program, we are committing to invest in these families’ lives when they are at their most vulnerable and give babies a chance at their first steps.”

We can do this. Together we are a powerful force which can do incredible good. Begin this Christmas season when we celebrate the birth of a baby born in poverty, his first bed a filthy animal feeding trough, his mother a frightened young girl, by giving so that other vulnerable babies and mothers can rise up to be healthy and happy and have a future filled with hope and love.

Find out more and give your gift here.

Thank you.

Now, excuse me while I update my list.