No Harm in a Sunrise

Stockton Sunrise

Most of the time I move at a fairly slow pace. It’s okay, I’m just taking everything in. Most people seem to think you have to move quickly lest you miss something. They are very wrong. A slow deliberate pace through life enables you to take more life in, see more, do more, enjoy more, and experience the wonders normally missed because you are moving too fast to see. That doesn’t mean I don’t move quickly when it’s necessary, but as a general rule I like to take my time.

Had I been in a rush I probably would have missed this sunrise. It isn’t the first time I have seen a sunrise on my way to work. It happens almost every day this time of year. But today the Lord wanted me to stop, look, get this shot, and give him praise. A beautiful sunrise is a reminder to me that by God’s marvelous grace I am being granted another day. Each day is a gift. The older I get the more real this becomes to me, but it has always been so. The only time on this earth we are guaranteed is this very second. The next second, and every one after, is a gift.

Perhaps there was another reason I stopped for this shot. How many time have I driven on and passed up a shot like this one, maybe even a better one? Most of the time actually. But I did stop for this one, and I think it may have been a God thing. I was about to learn that there is no harm in a sunrise.

Before I go on let me say that I am skeptical when it comes to coincidences. I believe God is in control and that there are very few things in life that are coincidental.

So, I get back in the car, pull into traffic, and head for the freeway where I drive north at 75 miles-per-hour. Remember, I can move quickly when I need too. Flashing lights behind me forced me to move over as the highway patrol car sped by. I caught up to him about two miles ahead pulled to the right shoulder with a firetruck and another car that was munching on the roadside bushes and fence. Estimating the time it took for all this to happen it wasn’t hard for me to piece together the very real possibility that I could have been in the middle of it all if I had not taken my sweet time and stopped to see a beautiful sunrise. Whether I actually would have been in an accident or not doesn’t really matter though. Just acknowledging the possibility is a reminder of God’s protective hand and my need to pay attention to his Holy Spirit speaking to me. It was also a vivid reminder that every moment of life is a gift from the Creator.

If we want to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us we need to slow down. We need to listen and hear. It’s hard to hear him speaking when we are rushing through life consumed by our selfish desires. Take some time this Christmas season to slow down, take a deep breath, relax, and hear the voice of God speaking through the Holy Spirit. He speaks, not only about His gift to us of his son Jesus who was born to die that we might be saved, but also of his gift to us of each day, each sunrise.

What Next?

Compassion Gift Catalog cover While you are thanking Him for his gifts, think of a time when a delay caused you to miss some harmful situation. Use the comments to tell us about it. Then think about those who face harmful situations, even deadly situations, every day of their lives. They don’t always have a way out. For them it is just a part of living in poverty. But you can be their answer to prayer. You can give them a life changing gift through Compassion.

Earlier I said, “I am skeptical when it comes to coincidences. I believe God is in control and that there are very few things in life that are coincidental.” That you are here reading this is, I believe, no coincidence. During this time of gift giving (and receiving) you can give a gift that will have a real, practical, and lasting impact. All I am asking is that you have a look at this gift catalog from Compassion and pray about what you can give. Call it your gift to Jesus.

Thanks so much. If you give a gift from this catalog would you mind letting me know? You don’t have to, and I thank you anyway, but it would be nice to know.