Foggy Morning 2

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The fog was thick, really thick, this morning. Not so thick that it slowed anyone down on the road. Thick enough that it should have. So I am inspired to re-post this picture from the archives.

It has been viewed more than a thousand times and continues to be one of my more popular posts. “Foggy morning” also seems to be one of the most used search terms on my site, and the image has been consistently used by English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers to help students understand “fog”.

Tree in the fog on a foggy morning

In an earlier post using this image, I wrote this note.

Soft light on foggy mornings like this one can make for some beautiful images. Before leaving the hills, I used to drive past this tree twice each day. On my way in to work and again on my way home. Most of the time it blended into the scenery and was hardly noticed. On this day the softness and mystery created by the fog made it stand out.

Not every image needs bright light and contrast. Soften things up a bit.

I re-posted this image today because of the fog we have been having lately. It’s just that time of year here in the San Joaquin Valley. Foggy mornings give way to bright, glaring, sometimes sunny, afternoons with fog again settling in through the night and following morning.

Fog. Clear. Repeat.

Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of the dreariness.

You can’t see clearly what’s ahead of you. You might even be wondering if God is with you at all because the fog has been with you for a long time and you’re almost at the brink of abandoning hope.
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I need sunshine.

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