Because Kids Deserve Hope

This week I have been reading articles and looking at pictures new friends have posted to their blogs as they enjoy meeting their sponsored kids in the Dominican Republic. They are on a sponsor tour with Compassion International. It is an opportunity to meet the kids they have been sponsoring and to tell them face-to-face how much they are loved and how special they are. It is putting skin on hope. From the accounts I have been reading it works both ways.

The very special blogs I have been reading are Divine in the Daily by Amy Pederson, Focusing Still by Sandra Heska King, and Writing Down the Revelation by Kris Camealy. Visit them, read them. and be moved. You will see just how much sponsorship means, how it changes lives and perspectives, and how it gives hope. Hope that reaches the heart, not only of the sponsored children, but of those who sponsor as well.

Shahana Following these trips did two things for me. First, it made me want to go on a sponsor tour. That will come. I have no idea when, but it is something I definitely want to do someday, and Lord willing, I will. Marcie and I sponsor a 14-year old girl in India. Her name is Shahana, and next month we will celebrate one year of sponsoring her. To mark the occasion, we will be working the Compassion sponsor sign-up table at upcoming His Little Feet concert at our church. It was at last year’s His Little Feet concert that we signed-up to sponsor Shahana.

The other thing following these bloggers did was make me think once again about a recent trip, not related to Compassion, I took to Mexico. It was a mission trip with my church, First Baptist of Stockton, to Tecate, Mexico where we are helping to build Mi Casa Children’s Home, renew lives, and bring hope, in Jesus’ name.

For both these organizations, and for so many more which seek to bring hope through the love of Jesus, it is all about the kids. We adopt, we sponsor, we give, we love, because it’s what we do, in Jesus’ name. The organization through which we reach out is not as important as the reaching out. Each organization is called to do what they do. It is up to each of us to seek the Lord’s direction about which ones to partner with.

Three Amigos
Three of the kids who know they are loved because of the work being done to build Mi Casa Children’s Home in Tecate, Mexico.

Whether you sponsor a child through Compassion or go on mission trips to build orphanages, it is all about the kids. About loving them, giving them hope, and telling them that they matter.

  • Because kids deserve hope.
  • Hope comes when a child knows he or she is loved.
  • Hope is real because someone takes the time to tell them they matter.
  • Hope arrives in a sponsor’s letter.
  • Hope is heard in the words, “you can.”
  • Hope is real and hope is alive .

Here are more faces of hope from the children in Tecate.

Silly Face Three Amigos Girl Boy Boy with a big smile Boy in Green Happy Girls Smile Showing teeth Showing teeth Happy Girl Boy with red hood Cool kid Happy boy

Now it’s your turn to give a child hope. Select the graphic below to sponsor this child or to view other children waiting for someone to give them hope. If you have questions or want to talk further, leave a comment or contact me.