A Playground in Tecate

A Playground in Tecate

One of the projects tackled during our November trip to Tecate was the building of a playground structure. The structure was donated and came to Mi Casa in pieces with only pictures for instructions and various pieces of hardware not necessarily matched to anything. The guys did an incredible job of putting it together and attaching it to an existing play structure.

Play structure raw material

Building a play structure

The kids loved it, and believe it or not even a play structure can bring hope and tell kids they matter. They have so little, and that someone from someplace far away would take the time, the energy, the expense, to come and give to them is incredibly affirming. It says you are not alone, you are not forgotten, you matter. The message we give them is, “you matter to us, and you matter to God.”


Just look at these kid’s faces and you can see the joy a simple gift can bring.






Of course, there was much more work to be done. You can help with the ongoing building project by visiting Casabuilders.org to make a tax-deductible donation. You can also get information about coming on a trip yourself.


Note: Many of you know I also blog for Compassion International. Just so there is no confusion, Casabuilders and Mi Casa Children’s Home are not associated with Compassion.