Blogging Compassion in the Dominican Republic

Compassion Bloggers
Photo courtesy of Compassion International

This week I will be following a team of bloggers from Compassion International. They will be blogging all week about their experiences, the love, joy, peace, hope, and blessings, of Compassion’s service to poverty stricken children in the Dominican Republic (DR). This is sure to be a unique glimpse of what it is like to live in this beautiful country through the words, photos, videos and tweets of:

Eryn Carman has written a very helpful post for the Compassion Blog on Child Poverty to help us learn more about the DR and Compassion’s work there.

It was just over a year ago that my wife and I began sponsoring through Compassion. After a worship service lead by a choir of orphan children from around the world, we felt moved by the Spirit to reach out in the best way we could and to sponsor Shahana. It has been a life changing experience, and looking back over previous posts I ran across this one written on Valentine Day last year.

Since then I have become much more involved with the work of Compassion, and would one day like to visit India to meet Shahana. I would also, Lord willing, like to go on a future bloggers trip. Not so much to blog about it, as to tell stories through pictures.

Tell you what. Follow the Compassion Blogger Team in the DR along with me. You can also find them using the Twitter hashtag #compassionbloggers, on Facebook and Instagram, even Pinterest. Read their stories, see their pictures, and see if you are not moved with compassion. Then, visit the Compassion Website to sponsor a child and change their story. Give them hope.

You can sponsor a child for just $38 each month. That’s just $1.27 per day, less than a cup of coffee.

Allow me tell you a very brief personal story. When my wife and I made the decision to sponsor Shahana a year ago we had just come off one of our worst years ever financially. I won’t go into details, but it was bad. A year has passed, and in addition to the monthly $38 we have given other gifts and increased our giving to our church. This past year since sponsoring is one of our best years financially. Because we chose to give, the Lord chose to bless us and restore our financial security. I don’t know if you will be blessed in this same way, but I will encourage you to pray about it. You wouldn’t want to miss a blessing, would you?

Click here to sponsor a child.