Pouring Hope with Just a Glance

“I keep trying to catch Marlo’s eyes. Like maybe I can pour hope into him with just a glance.”

Photo Courtesy of Compassion International

The words from Bri’s post leap off the screen and seem to hover in front of me. And I wonder. Pouring hope with just a glance. Is it possible? In a life lived in a place where the future looks so bleak, where hope is only a vague concept, and discouragement lurks in every doorway, where does hope come from. Certainly not in something so fleeting as a glance.

Perhaps a glance is the seed of hope. When a hopeless reality meets a compassionate glance maybe hope is germinated. Later, like crops lovingly sown, hope grows and matures because of the tender care of a loving gardener.

But yes, more than a fleeting glance is needed to pour hope into a life. After all, the tender seedling of hope must be cared for lest it whither and die. Action is needed. Will you act? Will you give a child hope?

“Sponsorship through Compassion is an investment that is rippling through this broken world with the capacity to change everything in the life of a child.”

Sponsorship through Compassion brings hope. It connects a child living without hope with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship is more than a fleeting glance. It is a loving look, heart and hands reaching out, a hug from afar. Sponsorship says, “I see your despair, the utter hopelessness that surrounds you today, and I want to give you a new story. I want to give you hope and a beautiful tomorrow.”

Our hope, ultimately, is in Jesus. That is one reason why Compassion’s mission statement starts with these words. “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.”

I invite you to read Bri’s post, and to meet Marlo, Aniel, Daniel, and their grandparents. Afterward, you can follow the link in Bri’s post, or follow this one to sponsor a child.

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