Cannery Row Sunrise

Cannery Row Sunrise
Cannery Row Sunrise

First Shots – Cannery Row Sunrise

We are on a weekend visit to Monterey to celebrate Marcie’s birthday. We’re staying at a place on Cannery Row, so I got up early to take a walk and see what I could find. Well…and to get coffee.

Found some great coffee, and this sunrise.

Every photographer knows that you sometimes have to get up early to catch the best light. But I’m not going to complain too much about the early hour of this shot. Sunrise was after 7:00. Daylight savings came in handy.

A sunrise is a daily reminder that we get a do-over. This, more than anything, is the thing I like most about watching the sun break the horizon. No matter what has happened before, today we get to start over and do our best to get it right. Each new day is a new opportunity. A gift from God as he says to us, “you get another chance.” Sunrises are so great! Use them wisely.

This is an iPhone version. A light overcast was beginning to burn off, and the marine layer was still hugging the coast. I wanted to catch the sun breaking the horizon and there was just enough room beneath the marine layer.

The complete Monterey series will be posted soon in Places and Travel. For now we’ll just enjoy our day at the beach.


Here is a DSLR image made just before the iPhone image above.

Cannery Row Sunrise

Sure could have used a tripod for this, but it was left in that spot where I would remember to grab it on the way out the door. It was about Santa Nella that I remembered it.