Morning at Yosemite Lake


It has become a regular early morning at Yosemite Lake for this egret and me. For the most part it was staying out in the middle of the lake today. That made it a little difficult to get a good shot, but every now and then it would fly over to these branches in hopes of spearing a fish.

One can learn a lot about patience and persistence from these rather majestic birds. They wait patiently staring at the water for an unwary fish to swim by. This one waited in the middle of the lake and flew over when a fish disturbed the water. The it flew back and waited. Several times, back and forth, until persistence and patience finally reaped a tasty reward.

Egret diving for a fish.

Waiting…waiting…waiting…wham!! The egret stuck its head fast and deep into the water. An impressive attempt, but a miss. Back to its post to repeat the process.

Egret flying with a fish

A few minutes later my egret friend is rewarded and flies away with a fish in its beak.

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