A Day at the Bay – Half Moon Bay

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Red Sail
Red sail at Half Moon Bay

It was one of those occasions where our anniversary and Father’s Day fall on the same day. To mark the occasion we took a day trip over to Half Moon Bay to enjoy something new for us. That’s right. We have never been to Half Moon Bay even though it is only about an hour and a half drive from home. Oh yeah, we’ll be going back.

Crab and Seafood to Go
Pretty sure that is not a crab.

Keeping with the times, this fish has apparently decided to self-identify as a crab. Should we be concerned? There are no proven links between fish identity confusion and humans, who are usually just confused.

Three boats
Three boats – Half Moon Bay

There is just something about small boats like these I saw tied to the dock. I really like the greens and blues, and will admit to bumping up the saturation just a bit. I was also using a polarizing filter on most of these shots, though it is not the norm for me.

Half Moon Bay marina
Half Moon Bay marina

You can really see the effects of a polarizing filter on this shot. Without it the sky would likely be washed and the highlights in the boats would dominate. The filter also helped the water to be more defined.

Brown Pelicans
Brown Pelicans playing follow the leader.

Before turning for home we stopped along the beach and I was able to catch pelicans flying up the coast in search of dinner.

Over the beach
Over the beach at Half Moon Bay

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