Frozen Fountain

Water droplets from a fountain

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One of our stops a few weeks ago on a wine tasting trip to Napa was Peju Province Winery. They have some excellent wines, but before we got to the tasting I stopped at the fountain outside to just experiment a bit. It was a very bright, sunny day, so I was able to set a very high shutter speed and still keep the ISO low. A large aperture kept the depth of field shallow to accentuate the droplets along a narrow plane. I will post the exact numbers later, in case anyone is interested. Don’t have them with me right now.

Dancing Water 2

Click on these pictures to get the best view. The enlargements give more detail, sharper and clearer. I especially like the capture of the one very small bead of water near the center of the picture below.

Dancing Water 3

These shots were made with the camera hand held. Though I would recommend using a tripod whenever possible, I didn’t have one with me on this trip, and I was using a mega-fast shutter speed to freeze the water.

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2 thoughts on “Frozen Fountain”

  1. Wow the water looks like diamonds. The turquoise wave is also beautiful. How was the wine? 🙂 MEM

    1. Thanks Mary Ellen. Their wine is great and we did buy a few bottles.

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