A Distant View of Mt. Rainier

Gig Harbor, Washington with Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier rises in the background in a shot from Gig Harbor, Washington

Finally, I am getting my images from Washington posted. That trip was back in July, so I guess it’s about time. I wanted to get some images of the moon rising over Gig Harbor. It was experimental, trial and error, and a fairly hazy evening, but I think it was a successful shoot even though I only got one good shot of the moon actually rising.

Above is a 13 second exposure at f/11 and ISO 100. It was my first time using the anti-haze tool in Lightroom.

Gig Harbor, Washington. Mt. Rainier
Gig Harbor, Washington at dusk with Mt. Rainier.

This one above was also at f/11 and ISO 100 but with a longer 23 second exposure and wider angle obviously.

Moonrise. Gig Harbor, Washington
Moonrise over Gig Harbor, Washington

And here is the moon rising. Shot at f/11 as well, but at 30 seconds and ISO 400.

Below is a shot obviously shot earlier in the day. A few miles north of Gig Harbor is a small town called Olalla. Across the water is Vashon Island, and beyond Vashon is Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier from Olalla, Washington
Mt. Rainier in the distance from Olalla, Washington.

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