Great shooting late afternoon near sunset

Del Mar, California

We are spending Christmas week on the beach in Del Mar, California. Normally, we only make it down here once a year. In 2015 we took two vacations. One in July, and the one we’re on now. We like Del Mar and San Diego.

The other day, before the rain and wind came, I took a late afternoon walk on the beach. Those pictures will be posted later. Some may be posted here and others in my gallery. There are still some from the July trip to post yet.

The picture above is how it was on Monday this week. Cool and sunny with good light in the late afternoon. That’s when I like to go out shooting. Late afternoons. The light is good and the harsh shadows that the midday sun produces are gone. There is a pleasing warmth to light as the sun begins to set. This is why the hour before sunset is know by photographers as the “golden hour”. After sunset the light, and temperature, begins to cool as photography enters the “blue hour” up to about an hour after sunset. Blue hour is another great time to shoot.

Warmth can be seen in this picture even though it was early in the golden hour. The blues are punched up a little, particularly in the sky, to bring out color and texture.

So, when you are thinking about when to shoot outdoors try late afternoon near sunset. Shoot through sunset, and remember the best part of sunset is after the sun actually sets. Stick around and keep making images. Colors shift quickly and can make for some amazing photographs. Then stay longer for the blue hour.

I need to get back to processing the rest of my images, but I do have a question you can answer in the comments. What what time of day do you like to shoot? Why?