The Coaster

Coaster commuter train

Coaster is a commuter train which runs along the California coast from Oceanside to San Diego. It runs right by our beach condo in Del Mar, is amazingly quiet, and we hardly notice it. If you are interested in learning more about Coaster you can visit their Website. They’re much better at talking about themselves and use phrases like, “breathtaking coastal scenery.”

These shots were made during a visit during the Forth of July week in 2015 on the cliff above the beach in Del Mar as the train was heading north. I wasn’t in any hurry to post them until PhotoFriday posted a challenge titled “transportation.” Sometime this is what it takes to motivate me to process images and write blog posts.

Coaster commuter train

In spite of warning signs, this is a popular spot for people out for a walk or run, even biking. It is also a surfer access point. Carrying a surfboard down the face of a cliff isn’t for me, but I won’t judge. There is a park with easy beach access less than a mile away, but where is the challenge in that? And yes, I have climbed the cliff. The top of the cliff is really a great spot for watching the sun set, and you don’t have to climb to do that.

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