Love. It’s written in stone.

Love written in stone

I found this gem of while walking along the beach in Del Mar a couple weeks ago. Sand normally covers the bedrock along this part of the beach, but a pounding surf had washed away much of the beach sand. Left exposed for all to see was the word, “love.” Unlike the castles of sand which people had been building on the beach, love was written in stone to stand forever. A testimony, as it were, to love’s endurance.


As I strolled along the beach and looked at the amazing sandcastles being built, I thought about the picture I had made. The castle builders put a lot of time and effort into their works. The detail was amazing. Yet, in a few short hours these castles would be swallowed by the sea. Gone forever. Except for the pictures and memories, and I did noticed that those building the castles were families. They built them for fun, for pleasure, and for the time spent together as a family. That’s what will last. The love.

“Love never fails,” the Bible tells us. Whatever else there is, whatever other gifts we have, whatever the joys we have in life, no matter how generous we are, no matter our strength of character or body, no matter anything else, without love, it will fail. Only love last.

It’s as if it was written in stone.

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