Taking pictures can be hard from a moving car

Marcie Bayne parade

Who doesn’t love a parade? Okay. Love may be too strong a word, but I do like them a lot. Since I am doing a lot of the photography; make that most of the photography; no, wait, all the photography for Marcie’s campaign for City Council, I get to join her in parades. Unfortunately, because I am her photographer, I don’t get to ride along the parade route in a yellow Corvette.

Nope. I get to walk. And take pictures.

Taking pictures can be hard from a moving car. It is notably easier at parade speed, but there is still movement and bumps to deal with. When you walk, you can stop, steady the camera, and get the shot. And, to be honest, riding in a Corvette, even a classic Corvette, isn’t all that special at parade speed.

This picture was made during the Freedom Day Parade in Stockton, CA on January 1. There weren’t any roses, but there were a lot of classic cars. I was busy focusing on Marcie, and walking, and didn’t get pictures of anything else. Next time I’ll broaden my focus.

Coming up March 6 is the same Corvette, different parade. We will be celebrating another New Year. The Chinese New Year. I am certain there will be more pictures of more things, not just Marcie.

If you are looking for a point to this post, there is none. I saw it was time for a new blog post and I have this picture, so I decided to put it up and write a few words.

It’s a good picture though.

See more of my images in my gallery and at Pixels.com, and if you live in Stockton, particularly City Council District 4, vote for Marcie.