People Helping People

“People helping people” is a motto that we and our business partners are always trying to live up to. We are in the people business. Helping people is what we do everyday. Well, we try. Oddly, some people don’t want our help. So we concentrate on those who do.

Last Friday (2/26) a bunch of us spent our morning volunteering at the Emergency Food Bank in Stockton. We started by gathering beans, rice and other food items from our partners at our meetings over the prior several weeks. On Friday we took everything that had been collected to the food bank. One of our partners had arranged to have four pallets of non-perishable food items delivered to the food bank in addition to food and cash that had been collected at our meetings. The final donation to the food bank was 1,350 pounds of food and about $200.00 in cash.

Ambit Cares

Some of us volunteered to stay after the food was received by the food bank and distribute food to those in need. The need is overwhelming. I never really understood how overwhelming until I saw the people lined up with their bags and boxes waiting for the gate to open. It wasn’t a particularly long line, but it never ended. As people got their food and left others quickly, too quickly, replaced them. They just kept coming. I was struck by the enormity of poverty right here in our own back yard.

How many people, how many children, go hungry right here in our own neighborhoods? People living lives of quiet desperation. Unable to focus, unable to think, unable to do anything except desperately seek their next morsel of food. In this country of abundance, in the heart of California agriculture, there are people going hungry. Not just some days, but day after day after day.

This shouldn’t be.

Right here is where I announce my solution to the hunger problem, but I don’t have one. Not one that will be a miraculous overnight fix. What I do have is this. Each one of us can do something.

Then do something again.

Do something and invite someone or three someones to join you in something.

Now there are three more doing something. That turns into nine, then twenty-seven, then…

It becomes a movement.

But you have to start with some ONE doing some THING.

People helping people. That’s where it begins. Go out and help someone today. Get something started, then keep it going, pretty soon others will join you (especially if you invite them) and before you know it a movement has begun.

What will you do to help someone today?


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