Maybe we should all learn how to box

Waiting to fight

Waiting to fight

A few weeks ago I was back at the California Street Boxing Club in Stockton. Supported by parents, this club does an amazing job of helping many of the youth in Stockton to learn confidence and life skills through the discipline of boxing. Kids of all ages participate in the program.

By learning how to box they learn discipline, self control, and how to handle adversity. They learn how to do it the right way, without resorting to anger and violence. They learn how to assert themselves without demeaning others.

This is so different from what I see from too many adults. We seem to think that the best path to success is to demean others, to hate and be angry toward those who disagree, to use force and violence to assert ourselves and our sacred positions on every issue. Do everyone a favor and just stop.

I am amazed at how gracious and polite these kids are. When you talk with them between bouts they use words like please and thank you, are always complimentary and respectful of their opponents, and very friendly to the people who attend the exhibitions. They are really nice kids.

Maybe we should all learn how to box.

What do you think?


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