A threatening dream about consistency


Blame it on the caffeine.

I haven’t been awake this early in the morning since… well, it’s been awhile.

It’s okay though. It gives me time to finally do something I have been wanting to do for a few weeks now.

Write a blog post.

Blame it on the caffeine.

It was a dream that woke me. A caffeine induced dream in which I, of all people, was dishing out advice on being successful. Like many dreams the details get very fuzzy after waking, but I do remember faceless dream people seeking my advice.

Insert, “in your dreams” comment here.

My advice? Consistency. Take consistent, every day action which moves you closer to your goal. Obviously, that means you first must have a goal to measure success by. A target. You definitely need a target. Without a target there is no way to know when you have been successful. Then you need to take action, action that moves you toward your goal, consistently everyday.

I know, this isn’t rocket science. It was a dream. Something floating around on the caffeine in my brain early in the morning in the fog between awake and asleep.

The point is this. I share my dream with you, but it really is my dream. You see, lately consistency on working toward my goals has been lagging. When I say lagging I really mean non-existent. One of my goals is to write a blog post at least once each week. This is a step in that direction. A dream that tells me to be consistent wakes me up threatening to keep me tossing if I don’t go into the office and write something. What choice do I have?

What goals are you working toward? Consistent, every day action will get you there. The actions don’t have to be big. Consistency is the key. That and actions which move you toward your goal.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it has added value. Here are some ways you can encourage me on my consistency goal.

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