Letting go. An avenue to peacefulness.

Last week Compassion International asked their social media followers the question, “What gives you peace.” Then they asked them to post their answer to their social media accounts. Many of the answers were shared on the Compassion Blog. Some were written text, others were graphics and images. Together they create a mosaic of what brings peace into individual lives. Take a couple minutes to have a look.

One of the featured answers, and likely the shortest, was mine.”Letting go #GivesMePeace.”

Letting go tweet

Something peaceful and relaxing happens when I let go. If I were to venture a guess it would be that the same thing applies to you, and everyone else.

Holding on to situations and stuff that we can do nothing about or have no control over wages a battle inside us that tears us apart with worry and anxiety. This makes it much more difficult to overcome tough situations. The situations become overwhelming and solutions seem evermore elusive. The tighter we hold on to our problems the more they seem to control us. There is no peace.

This is why Jesus told us to not be anxious, to not worry. Neither are productive.

Letting go isn’t about ignoring anything, or pretending the problems don’t exist. Letting go is reliance on the God who created me and leaving the problems in His infinitely more than capable hands. Letting go is an act of worship acknowledging the sovereignty of God and his place in my life. Letting go really is letting God.

It is productive.

Letting go is not a hands off approach by any means. Having faith that He is bigger than my problems and that He will take care to make certain that His will is accomplished in the outcome does not absolve me of any responsibility to do my part.

If my issue is money, I must exercise financial wisdom and responsibility so that God may pour out his blessing in his time.

If I am praying for physical healing, I must responsibly seek out proper medical attention so that God may use medical science to heal.

If there are relationship issues at stake, I must be humble and forgiving in order to restore that which was lost.

If there is death, I must seek the giver of life and the peace which is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Letting go is letting God have his proper place as we walk with him through life’s storms. Letting go is trusting in the one whom even the wind and the sea obey.

By my letting go, God is able to take his rightful place as I acknowledge his sovereignty. Letting go gives me peace, a peace which goes far beyond my understanding and comes on God’s time-table. Sometimes it is immediate, often peace builds over time. We can hasten the process as we learn to trust and let go.

Now it’s your turn. What gives you peace? Leave a comment below and/or leave a note on social media and tag it #givesmepeace. Let everyone know. Maybe we can start a movement.

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