Basic beach, no frills

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More pictures from this trip are posted here.

Solana Beach, basic beach

Yesterday (Monday 11/21) my photo outing took me to Solana Beach. It’s a basic beach. No frills, but a great walk.

It was a break from our normal Del Mar vacation habit of going to San Diego at least once during the week. That’s okay. I like doing new things, and I am always good with spending time on the beach.

Wave crashing on a rock

A day before we went to a street fair in Encinitas. I saw some close up photos of waves crashing on rocks displayed at one booth. I don’t know where they were taken, but they inspired me to try making some of my own. Since I didn’t have any waterproofing equipment with me I stayed back a bit for this shot. If you want to get close in to crashing waves it is a good idea to have a waterproof camera housing.

For a closer perspective have a look at another image in the gallery.

Wave splash

I zoomed in a little closer for this one and got a bit more detail in the water. It also looked better to me in color. 

That’s another thing I like about basic beach photography. It is easy to find great black and white, or monochrome, subjects, and I like to work with black and white.

Old railings

One more thing I like about walking on the beach is that it is constantly changing and always presenting new things to look at. Tides go up and down, sand comes in then goes out, and new things which were hidden are revealed.

Besides, the beach is just a great place to walk.

Both Solana Beach and Del Mar are a basic beach. Water, surf and sand. No frills, just beach.

Other beaches, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, can be practically theme parks. Lots of stuff going on. Boardwalks, shops, skating, cycling, and an endless list of activities. These beaches are full of frills. I like them too.

Let’s face it, I like beaches. I miss living near the beach.

What’s your beach story? Leave a comment.