Celebrating Thanksgiving at the beach

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Update: The pictures from this trip are posted here.

Del Mar Beach looking north.

This week we are celebrating Thanksgiving at the beach. We will staying at our time-share in Del Mar, enjoying daily walks on the beach, and falling to sleep and waking up to the sound of the surf.

Going for walks is one of my favorite things to do. Along the beach is my favorite place to walk. Above you can see where we walked today, and probably will walk every day this week. A walk north on this beach rewards you with a great view of the race track at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. You know, where the turf meets the surf.

Heerman's Gull

When you walk on the beach you are going to see Sea Gulls. They are a staple of any walk on the beach. Not surprisingly, we saw hundreds of them, including this Heermann’s Gull. We also saw an assortment of other shore birds. No pictures though.

This gull impresses me. It has what it takes to stand out, be cool, and sport a red bill. Not every sea bird can do that. Not only does it have a cool name, Heermann’s Gull, but a beak that has it’s own coolness factor. He is the Rudolf of gulls. Born to lead and shine that beak.

Lifeguard boat

Not to be outdone by a sea gull with a red beak, this lifeguard decided to take a red boat out for a spin. Crash! Right through the surf. It was more impressive in real life. Maybe I should have done video.

This is a good point to insert my tip of the day. Red. That’s it. Look at the pictures above. They would be pretty dull and uninteresting without the red. Injecting some bright colors, just a bit, will help your photos to pop. Any contrasting bright color will work, but I think red works particularly well.

There you have it. My pictures from day one. These aren’t all of them, and there will be more throughout the week. More will be posted after we get home and I’m back to my big monitor. Size apparently does matter.

Update: Pictures are now posted here.

Pictures from a previous trip to Del Mar way back in 2013 are posted here. More from July and December last year are here.

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