My view of the 2017 Tournament of Roses Parade

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Tournament of Roses Parade

Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, California

Here they are! The long awaited pictures from the Tournament of Roses Parade. The full size pictures are posted in the Rose Parade 2017 gallery. I am posting a few at a time as I finish editing and processing.

Marcie and I spent a cool and overcast New Year weekend in Pasadena doing Rose Parade stuff. There was the threat of rain, but if you know anything about the Rose Parade, you know it has only rained ten times on the parade. The forecast was for no rain, but I was hoping for clear skies. Didn’t happen, but the rain held off. It was cold, and we watched the parade from our seats in the bleachers surrounded by hundreds of new friends packed tightly into the stands. Not necessarily a bad thing on this chilly morning. It is amazing how much heat a tightly packed herd of people give off.

Placing roses - Rose Parade float Marcie, Rose Parade float At the top of the page and the pictures to the right is the banner float. Marcie and I took advantage of an opportunity to volunteer to decorate with Kiwanis International. Marcie is the president of the Stockton Kiwanis. Our assignment was to work on the banner float. Our shift was the morning of the day before the parade. For the most part they were all finished, so we were responsible for helping out with the finishing touches, some detail work, and filling in so everything was coming up roses. (Couldn’t resist.)

The picture above doesn’t show our finished work. Our assigned workspace was on the other side. We spent our morning putting greenery over a layer of foam, then stuck individual roses in vials of water into the foam. More interesting and fun than it sounds.


Late in the morning the floats were moved outside for judging.

Monkey King

CalPoly float

Literacy float

There was a carnival-like atmosphere with vendor booths set up along the street next to the Rose Bowl. Hundreds of people watched the judging and cheered loudly for their favorite floats.

The Tournament of Roses Parade

Then came Monday and the parade, followed by viewing the floats on Tuesday before heading home. Have a look at the pictures as I post them in the gallery. The detail in these floats is incredible. Enjoy.

Angry birds

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