A year in the life of a spiritual journey

Embarking on a spiritual journey

This morning I reached for a devotional book-slash-journal that has been sitting on my shelf for a couple years. It was rescued from a box of books that was left behind by my father-in-law when he moved to heaven. Every year at Christmas my wife and I would give Bill a new devotional book. As long as I knew him, he would rise early every morning to spend time with the Lord in prayer and study with whatever book we had given that year open next to his Bible. His consistent devotion to God is the thing I most admired about Bill. It was quiet and humble, but I always knew he walked closely with the Lord and cherished his relationship with his creator. His journey through life was a spiritual journey.

One of the books we had given to Bill, and the one I am reading now, is Experiencing God Day by Day by father and son authors Henry and Richard Blackaby. In the preface I read that one ought to use devotional books as a “journal for your walk with God through the years,” to be treasured by your children.

Richard Blackaby writes,

Note the date when God speaks to you or specific prayers are answered. Let this book guide you as you walk with God; then leave it for your children as a record of their parents’ spiritual journey.”

Bill had filled every page of the book with underlined passages and handwritten notes. He indeed left a written record of his spiritual journey, at least for that year of his incredible life. I feel privileged to follow and learn from his spiritual journey, and where appropriate, make it my own. What will I find nestled away in his distinctive scrawl? How will it help me to be a better person, a better husband and father? This is literally a journey of a lifetime as I wander through the pages of his recorded thoughts each day.

Keep a journal of your own

For some time now I have kept a journal. There had been long stretches of nothing, but as it developed into a habit, I have been more consistent. Rarely does a day go by that I do not record something.

I encourage you. Start your own journal. Leave for others a record of your own journey of faith, of lessons learned, of victories won. It should be hand written. It becomes more personal when it is in your own hand, and you feel a deeper connection to your story. Keeping a spiritual journal will help you grow and it will help others in ways you can not tell.

My own journey through this book is just beginning, and I am looking forward to where it will take me. What will I learn about Bill? More importantly, what will I learn about God and experiencing him?

Thanks Bill…

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