Church is Now Open Between Easter and Christmas

Church is now open between Easter and Christmas

It is the Monday morning after Easter and I just couldn’t resist posting this picture adapted from one I saw on Twitter.

Church was packed yesterday. I sang in the choir and had a great view of the congregation, and while it was great to see new a lot of new faces, I know I won’t see them again until Christmas perhaps. That’s just the way it is. But it doesn’t have to be. After all, church is now open between Easter and Christmas.

I am a “church-goer.” That doesn’t mean I never miss a Sunday. I have missed plenty. There have even been stretches of weeks, perhaps even months, when I didn’t attend church. The reasons vary, but when I take time away from my church family my relationship with the Lord suffers. It becomes distant.

Many of you reading this may have made your semi-annual visit to church yesterday, Easter Sunday. You may have even gone more than once last week, perhaps attending a Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service in addition to Easter. Three times in one week. Isn’t that enough?

No. I don’t believe so.

Here’s why.

Church is now open between Easter and Christmas.

These are the two major celebration days on our Christian calendar, but the Lord commanded that we set aside one day each week to come together and worship in community. It is one of The Ten (Exodus 20:8-11), and Paul writes about it in Hebrews 10:19-25.

The Lord places much more emphasis on our worshiping together at least one day a week than we ever do. It would seem to me that Christians should take note of this and stop pretending that church does not need to be a priority.

Jesus sacrificed Himself for our sins.

The very least we could do in return is sacrifice back to Him one day a week of worship.

I know there are reasons good reasons for missing church on Sunday. I’ve had enough. But it isn’t about Sunday. It is about worship, which you can do anytime, anyplace. Still, there is something about worshiping together with a church family. As I noted above, when I take time away from meeting together with my church family, I begin to feel disconnected from Jesus. It’s a feeling I never like.

This leads to a third point.

Church is a connection point.

You cannot stay connected to Jesus without staying connected to His people. I really believe this. The church, other Christians, are the physical representation we have of Jesus while we sojourn on this earth. We are all flawed and imperfect, but we are what we have, and together we encourage one another as we wait expectantly for Christ’s return.

In my business we talk a lot about plugging in and staying connected, and we have weekly meetings. Just like church, when I miss meetings, when I don’t plug-in, my business begins to suffer and I begin to feel unmotivated. The meetings, even though they are relatively the same week after week help to motivate me and keep me on target. They are needed.

Church is needed. It connects us to the power.

What are some other reasons to continue attending church between Easter and Christmas? These few are just the beginning of the conversation. Church is now open between Easter and Christmas. As a Christian why would you not attend? That could be an interesting discussion too. Post in the comments.