Visiting Georgia? Here are Two Gems You Won’t Want to Miss

Senoia, Georgia

Note: Since writing this post pictures have been posted to my gallery.


This is my second time visiting Georgia. Today we took a short trip down to the small town of Senoia. Small yes, but it is gaining some big fame as one of the filming locations for the series, “The Walking Dead.”

Senoia, Georgia

It is also a great place to do some browsing at the shops lining the streets of the historic district.

The Waking Dead Cafe There are also a handful of restaurants in town. We were there after breakfast and before lunch and didn’t eat, just wandered through some of the shops. I did think this was a cleaver name for a coffee shop in this town.

“The Walking Dead” isn’t the only show to bring Senoia fame. The town has been referred to as, “Hollywood South,” and has entertained such movies as “Driving Miss Daisy” and “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

Here’s a list of Senoia’s film credits.

Starr’s Mill

Starr's Mill One of my reasons for visiting Georgia is the great rural photography. The last time I was here I was taken around to a bunch of different spots. A few images are living on my Flickr site. While this trip didn’t include a lot of photo time, I did manage to get some. After leaving Senoia we drove a few short miles to nearby Starr’s Mill.

Starr's Mill It’s not a crowded spot or a big attraction. You could easily miss it, and I almost did, except for the help of GPS. The star is the old mill and man-made waterfall.

About these photos

These photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera). No editing has been done. I shot both RAW and JPG so I could get them posted right away. Edited versions will be posted on the Website when I get back from visiting Georgia next week.

These are just two places I recommend visiting in Georgia. Do you have any you would like to tell us about? Tell us about them in the comments.